Machine Embroidery Micro Workshop

Overview of Machine

  • Parts and accessories

    • Embroidery hoop and arm

    • Needle position button

    • Start/stop button (instead of peddle)

    • LCD Touchscreen

  • Use terms from Instruction Book

  • Always turn Handwheel towards you

  • Never adjust the embroidery arm

  • Follow guided instructions on LCD screen

Threading the Machine and Thread Colors

  • Talk through steps of winding bobbin, threading machine

  • Embroidery thread only

  • One color only (at this time)

How to Select Different Patterns, Borders, or Fonts

  • Use touchscreen to navigate

  • Patterns broken down in parts by color, progress through each part when embroidering

  • Use touch screen to type names or initials

  • Can adjust layout of design


How to Setup the Embroidery Hoop

  • Select fabric and make sure it is compatible

    • Encourage natural fabrics only (cotton, linen, etc.)

  • Align the fabric embroidery area atop a piece of stabilizer/backing

  • Iron before loading into embroidery hoop, fabric side up

  • Secure using screw top of hoop

  • Move needle and presser foot into upright positions

  • Attach hoop to embroidery arm carefully, aligning clips on left side

    • May need to raise presser foot higher


How to Embroider

  • With design selected and lead thread held between two fingers, press start button

  • Allow a few stitches to complete before stopping the machine

  • Trim the lead thread and resume stitching

  • Progress through each part of design by pressing the start button, if applicable

  • Tap “OK” when the machine finishes the design.

  • Remove the embroidery hoop; then remove the fabric

  • Tear away the stabilizer and trim as you please