3D printing with the UP! Mini

Our printers can only accommodate .STL files that fit within a 120mm x 120mm x 120mm print range. If the file is too big, you might see an error message within UP!ware in step 8.


  1. Verify the printer is plugged in, powered on, and the USB cord is connected to a laptop or tablet.
  2. Verify a black, removable print platform is secured to the permanent heated platform.
  3. Carefully remove any extra filament that may be connected to the nozzle. At this point the nozzle is NOT heated. No gloves are required.
  4. Close the printer’s front door and top hatch. This will ensure a controlled temperature for the print.
  5. Select 3D Print → Initialize.
  6. Double click the square button on the front of the printer. This will turn the interior light on so you can see the printing.
  7. Load the .STL file by clicking the Open icon or choosing File → Open.
  8. Place the item using the toolbar to move it on the X, Y or Z axis OR click the AutoPlacement button from the toolbar.
  9. AutoPlacement is recommended for multiple files in one print job.
  10. If necessary, scale the item up or down using the top drop-down menu and Scale button.
  11. Click the Print icon.
  12. A pop-up window will confirm print settings. Adjust printing speed as desired. Click “Preferences” to change fill, resolution, etc. Click OK when done.
  13. UP!ware sends the file to the printer by slicing it into layers. See the progression in the bottom left toolbar.When slicing is completed, the printer will beep and a pop up window will tell you the approximate time for your print job and how much plastic will be used.
  14. The nozzle will heat to the necessary temperature. When the nozzle is heated, the printer will beep one long beep. Then it will beep 3 short beeps in a row before beginning to print.
  15. The tablet or laptop can be disconnected from the printer once the print job is sent.
  16. The printer will beep 5 short beeps in a row upon completing the print job.
  17. Remove the black platform plate from the printer.
  18. Use appropriate tools (spatula, gloves) to remove the print job.
  19. Use pliers to carefully remove the raft from the print job.