Calibrating the UP! Mini 3D Printer platform

The platform will need to be re-calibrated when the platform plates are switched out.

  1. Turn on the printer and open UP!ware.
  2. Select 3D Print → Initialize.
  3. Select 3D Print → Maintenance to move the nozzle up to 121-122mm.Try to bring the platform close enough to the nozzle so that a single sheet of computer paper slides between the two objects with minimal friction.
  4. Click “Set Nozzle Height” and exit Maintenance.
  5. Select 3D Print - Platform Calibrate.
  6. Click “Set Nozzle Height” in the top portion of the pop up window. This will use the height determined in Maintenance.
  7. The middle portion of the pop up window allows you to adjust the nozzle height at 9 different points on the platform.
  8. Click on each number and adjust the nozzle height by 0.1mm using the up and down arrows.
  9. Test the height at each point by using a piece of printer paper, as used in step 3. The paper should slide under the nozzle and between the platform with little friction.
  10. Click “Apply/Save current values” when calibration is complete.