Troubleshooting the UP! Mini 3D Printer

Common error messages

The UP!ware and printers can be temperamental. Common error messages, which are displayed in bottom right toolbar, have quick fixes.

Printer is disconnected

Follow the Getting Started steps. Sometimes takes 2 rounds of steps to resolve error.

Printer System Error: Layer 1

Make sure the printer has been initialized. Repeat Getting Started steps if error persists.

Other errors are not as obvious. When the printer beeps incessantly and the front button has rapid light color changes between blue and red, try holding down the button until the printer shuts off. If that doesn’t work, manually flip the power switch to off. Then, start at the beginning.


Misprints are usually the results of inaccurate platform calibration, inconsistent temperature, or design flaws. Here are some common issues and suggested resolutions.

Filament warps, doesn’t adhere to platform.

Usually a temperature issue. Check that door and hatch are securely closed. If prints continue to fail, check calibration.

Filament stops extruding mid-print.

Usually a kink in the filament spool, especially if there’s a clunking noise occurring.

  1. Stop the print job. Discard what was printed.
  2. Check the filament spool and resolve any obvious kinks.
  3. Go to Maintenance and extrude filament. If filament does come through the nozzle, try reprinting your object.
  4. If filament does not smoothly flow from the nozzle, withdraw the filament, trim the end, and try extruding again.

Cannot remove raft.

  • From the platform, then recalibrate.
  • From the object, check the design. Thin objects will often break when the raft is removed.