Silhouette decal with Vinyl Cutter

Finding an image

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to
  2. Search for an image of an animal, plant, or thing that you’d like for a decal. Add “silhouette” to your keyword search so it looks like this → elephant silhouette.
  3. The image search results have optional suggested searches, such as cute, trunk up, and baby. And below that there many images to preview.
  4. Select an image that will have clean, simple cuts on the Cameo. This means less white space and mostly solid parts.
  5. Click on the image.
  6. Click on View Original Image. A new window will open.
  7. Use the right mouse button to click on the image.
  8. Select Save As, or Save Target As (these vary by browser) and save to a defined location like Desktop.

Using Silhouette Studio

  1. Launch Silhouette Studio.
  2. Click Open. You will be prompted to open a file.
  3. Change the Files of Type to All and select your object’s file.
  4. Your object will be placed on the worksheet, with the red cut border outlining the cut area.
  5. Resize the object to fit in a 4 in by 4 in area. Hold the Shift key to retain size ratio.
  6. Click on the Trace Window icon in the upper right toolbar. It has a blue butterfly bordered by a yellow box.
  7. Click on Select Trace Area.
  8. Click and drag a window around your object.
  9. Uncheck the High Pass Filter.
  10. Adjust the Threshold value to make sure your object is completely yellow.
  11. Click Trace.
  12. Click and drag your original object.
  13. The traced object will now be outlined in red.
  14. Delete the original object.
  15. Save the file as a Silhouette Studio V3 (*.studio3) file type.
  16. Find a Mentor to help use the Cameo vinyl cutter to complete your project.