Using transfer tape to apply vinyl designs

Transfer Tape a special tape used with self adhesive vinyl for easy application. Once vinyl is applied to a surface, it may be difficult to remove. Choose the application destination wisely.

Using transfer tape

  1. Carefully remove excess vinyl from the backing (liner) paper of the cut design.
  2. Trim the backing paper around the design.
  3. Cut a fitted piece of transfer tape and apply it over the top of the vinyl design.
  4. Smooth the tape, pressing your finger on the design for a firm stick.
  5. Trim excess tape.

Applying vinyl designs

  1. Clean and dry the surface you wish to apply the vinyl design to.
  2. Carefully peel away the backing/paper liner from the vinyl design.
  3. The vinyl design should remain attached to the transfer tape.
  4. Apply the vinyl to the surface from the middle of the design and smooth outward on either side.
  5. Remove all air bubbles.
  6. Carefully peel away the transfer tape.
  7. The vinyl design should remain.